About & Contact

I am halfway through the journey of life but nowhere near ready to drive slowly through middle-age.  I am keen to explore the world and all of its possibilities, grey hair and all.  I am drawn to the beauty, wonder, and craziness of  fashion, art, pop culture, books, movies, TV, travel, food, architecture – my interests are far-ranging and capricious, just like me.

I use a Mac Powerbook, Nikon CoolPix camera, and Photoshop to create the images featured on this site, unless otherwise credited.  Feel free to use my photos, giving credit where due (and I will do the same if I use your work) .

All opinions on this blog are my own.  No one sponsors my posts (at least not yet).  I am open to sponsorships, and even more interested in working with you to create the perfect couture, graphics, branding  and events uniquely suited to your needs.

I would love to hear from you – reach me at contactthegreygoddess@gmail.com.


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