Ashes to Ashes….

Iman and Bowie (image from MunaLuchi Bride)

Yesterday David Bowie passed from this life into the next.  It was my privilege to see him perform in the 70’s and 80’s and I was never disappointed.  His thoughtful interviews showed his remarkably inquisitive intelligence as he continually worked to evolve his music, paintings, and acting for our pleasure (and his).

Having had my fair share of relatives grapple with complex cancers, I can only marvel that his last days were spent creating his final piece of art, Blackstar.  Cancer treatments are never easy, and 18 months is a long time to battle the cancer beast. I am in awe of the energy, determination, and creativity that he embraced until the very end.

His artistic legacy aside, I find myself most touched by his love for the beautiful Iman. In public they always commanded the limelight but privately, Mr. & Mrs. Jones shared a largely ‘normal’  life (raising children, sharing meals, reading the paper on a Sunday afternoon, and all of the other mundane things that make up a life with those one loves).

As an artist and as a human, Bowie inspirited me in ways I did not realize until his death.  Thank you Mr. Bowie…rest in peace wherever you might be.

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