Riding along in my automobile…

Refreshingly old – and new – signs

Many of my cherished family stories and personal memories involve cars.  I’ve been a road dog since before I was born.  Give me a steady stream of rocking tunes, some icy coca-cola, and a tankful of gas and I can drive for hours with no destination in mind.  This past Sunday I headed east and stumbled upon Lebanon……


“Cedar City” was incorporated in 1801 and while the city is as 21st century as anywhere else in America it still retains a lot of its old-time charm.


It’s the sort of town that deploys a herd of wooden steers to advertise the upcoming Junior High National Rodeo finals…


And the type of place where old buildings aren’t torn down to make way for a strip mall but are lovingly restored instead.  I wish they still made Main Street buildings with this sort of detail…


Or built gothic charmers that evoke humid summer afternoons best spent sipping mint juleps on the veranda…


For a city with so much old-time character Lebanon boasts a surprising number of trendy stores, selling everything from rockabilly wear to outdoor gear, nestled between numerous antique shops.  Give me a musty, damp, poorly lit, stuffed-to-the-gills, series of rooms containing potential treasure and I can get lost for hours, fascinated by things like….


China, porcelain, and pottery (including fiesta ware) for days…


Retro advertising books and maps of the world…


Kitchen utensils old and new…


Uncle Moses and Aunt Jemima figurines with Wimpy overlooking them all…


And the Coke machine of my youth (which could either be selling for $1.49 cents or $1495 depending on your interpretation of the price tag).

Are you wanderer?  I’d love to hear about the places you like to explore….

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