Almost cut my hair…


Have you heard of Wigs for Kids?  They provide pediatric cancer patients who have lost their hair with wigs for FREE. This guy has been letting his freak flag fly for close to three years now, with the goal of growing it long enough to cut and donate it to a worthy charity.  Our family has been greatly impacted by all types of cancer (except, strangely enough, pediatric forms) so I was touched by this decision and privileged to tag along when the day finally came to get it all cut off…

The Bowtie Barber Club

A special haircut deserves a special shop and so he decided to visit The Bowtie Barber Club, a barbershop that offers men’s hair, beard, and shoe shine services to individuals and members.

Sit right down

The shop has an old-time/hipster vibe, offering unlimited locally made root beer for your thirst and vintage rock and roll for your ears while you sit back to enjoy a first-rate cut or shave or shine.  You can even shop for grooming products or – surprise – bowties.

Root beer barrel workstations with strops
The last look at ‘the mane’

There are some simple Wigs for Kids instructions to follow so the hair donation can actually be used; the hair must be clean, free of dyes, and at least 12 inches long.  The instructions suggest parting the hair into 4 sections and then rubber-banding before cutting.  This barberista opted for 8 ponies instead, to maximize the length of the hair donation.

And it begins…the first pony of 8
Healing by giving hair and getting inked

Funny how strangers stories can intersect in the most random ways.  The barberista, the donor, and myself have all been inked in recent months to commemorate lost loved ones.

Almost ready for…..
…the first pony cut
the last pony
…and the last
Short hair for the first time in a very long time
Tools of the trade
The last steps of any great haircut…a shave and hot towel
The last step – packing the donation 

If you are looking for a great barbershop in the Nashville TN or Oxford OH areas I recommend trying The Bowtie Barber Club.  If you’d like to contribute hair, time, or money to support wigs for pediatric cancer patients visit Wigs for Kids.


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