May I introduce to you…


Vintage + Food = Grand Reopening of Live True Vintage

I love when I ‘discover’ a part of town that I’ve passed by a million times. I always wonder why I never took the time to stop before, especially when I stumble upon an awesome mom-and-pop restaurant or antique store  (remember my Lebanon trip?).  This past weekend I stumbled upon Live True Vintage, which just relocated from one side of town I rarely explore (Inglewood) to another (Rayon City)…

Walk on in – from pharmacy to vintage clothing & recording studio

Rayon City (aka: Lakewood) had its heyday during WWII, when DuPont built a factory that supplied much of the rayon used in the war effort.  Its more recent fame springs from its reputation as a speed trap for anyone driving over 45 mph.  Homes are a curious mix of 50’s bungalows and McMansions surrounding the lake, along with a two block strip of old, mostly shuttered storefronts located on the main drag.  Live True Vintage is housed beside Fry Pharmacy Recording in the old town building right off the main drag, with the building serving as a perfect backdrop for the amazing clothing and assorted treasures featured throughout.

A map of plaid, trains, and teepees

The owner has a great eye for curating clothing and collectibles to create really interesting vignettes throughout the space.

70’s Reds
Pretty in Pinks

Much of the clothing is arranged by color, including the vibrant red rack of synthetic offerings (including rayon) from the late 60’s through early 70’s and a feminine rack of pink styles that spanned the decades.

Country blues

There are tons of vintage denim for gals and guys, including these ‘Tanya Tucker’ specials.

Mini vintage

It’s almost impossible to find vintage clothing for children but that’s not a problem here. True Live Vintage carries a large selection of clothing, shoes and toys for the littlest hipsters among us.

Sailing sailing over the deep blue sea

I found myself drawn to the displays of books, art, and keepsakes throughout the store. I wished I had my paints with me to capture the watercolor-like patina of the wall behind these schooners, mugs, and ‘turtle globe’.

‘I Like Mr. Steak’….buttons and patches galore
Hats and bags and scents galore

If you are in the Nashville area check out Live True Vintage.  It’s a great place to ‘discover’ and worth the drive from whatever part of town you live in.










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