Dress it up…

Part 1: A DIY take on A Detacher Fall 2016 – Florals

In the past few weeks I’ve featured my DIY take on leopard and velvettwo of the hot fashion trends for Fall 2016. Another trend I love is wintery florals, especially when used in a dress. My closet already contains every style dress from A-line to wrap that range from casual to formal for every season imaginable.   I’ve always loved the ease of a dress and how it can camouflage real (or imagined) flaws. All that’s needed to complete your look are killer shoes and sparkly bling before you head out the door for whatever adventure awaits.  While I try to ‘recreate the runway’ look as closely as possible who says you need to do the same? Half the fun is finding the right floral fabric – not to mention shoes and accessories – for your own runway recreation!

Part 2: A DIY take on Temperly London Fall 2016  – Florals

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