Easy target…

The garden bar

I equate Target to an inexpensive retail amusement park with no lines (until checkout) offering just enough attractions for me to while away a lunch hour perusing…

The key to a satisfying Target time suck is finding the ‘upscale’ location in your area. My local store is seriously lacking in ambiance, selection, and size so I go there primarily for pet food and Papyrus cards. If I really want to explore the wonder that is Target I head to stores located in the tonier part of town, where the selection is vast and the displays more enticing.  Last week I needed some retail therapy and found my cure in the following…

Summertime shoes

Since most stores are set up the same I always start my browse with a stop at ‘Shoeworld’. It’s rare that I can’t find a pair or two that are on-trend and inexpensive, like these huarache-like sandals that are coming to Miami with me…

Who Wore What bags..

Next up is a stop at ‘Clothes Central’.  I like the look of Target clothes but typically don’t have much success when it comes to buying anything because the selections are often poorly made and/or aren’t available in my size.  I do love the Who What Wear, Ava & Viv, and Knox Rose lines, all of which can be hard to find in-store if you aren’t in a better class of Target. These ‘Who What Wear’ bags would make for an inexpensive fun spring addition to any wardrobe…


I pass right by the workout, men’s, kids and baby worlds because those items hold no interest for me, but I always stop to explore ‘Toyland’ because deep down I am a 6 year- old masquerading as an adult.

I LOVE that Rube Goldberg toys are a thing!  My son once created an award-winning RG machine using pool balls, ladders, weights, and dominoes (among other things) designed to open a can of soda, so when I saw this selection of Rube challenges I was captivated for some time…


This toy, on the other hand, still has me speechless.  How is this even a thing?  I especially love the cautionary ‘use only clean tap water’ advisement on the toilet box, because kids would never think to substitute dirty water when left unsupervised…

Kitchen ceramics

After toys I head over the ‘Homeworld’, where I spend a lot of time wandering the housewares aisles looking for things I really don’t need but would like for my home just the same.  Target’s designers and buyers have always done a really good job when it comes to their textile porcelain, and decorative item selections and this visit did not disappoint…

Jars jars jars
Green, gold and black

Lastly, I always end my visit with a stop (and many times a purchase) at ‘Card & Craft Expo’. Target carries an awesome selection of stationary which I truly appreciate since I have been trying to correspond more frequently with my loved ones through handwritten letters, holiday cards, and thank you notes…

Fashionable cards
Some bunnies to love
With your Easter bonnet

How about you?  Are you a Target shopper?  Have you ever wasted a lunch hour in the store, wandering the aisles looking at all of the eye candy on display? What are your favorite Target things to browse or buy?  I’d love to know…

P.S. This post is not sponsored by Target and all opinions are my own.


3 thoughts on “Easy target…

  1. I agree about the price of the cards. I brought 5 cards and it was close to $50. I almost died…but still purchased the cards. They have a great website too – lots more stock than you can find in stores.


  2. I love Papyrus cards, even if they are a bit pricey!

    I like to wander around Target, preferably by myself. My family prefers to hurry through.

    I usually get some good after Christmas buys. I like the home decor section also.


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