There’s a great old bookstore…


Did you know that the last Saturday in April is Independent Bookstore Day?

Amazon may be able to deliver any book to your doorstep in two days or less but can it provide you with the opportunity to meet & greet your favorite author? Does Amazon host reading clubs where you can discuss and debate topical books with strangers turned friends?  Can you spend hours on a rainy day browsing the aisles of Amazon, fresh coffee in hand, reading snippets from whatever books catch your attention?  No, no and no. Can you do all of those things at your independent bookstore? Yes, yes and yes.

Find an indie bookstore near you and stop in to raise your favorite book in a toast to reading and to the amazing independent bookstores that make that possible! If you live in Nashville, Miami, Philadelphia or Denver check out my favorite independent bookstores, including Parnassus Booksher bookshop, Books & Books, Wooden Shoe Books, Joseph Fox Bookshop, and Tattered Cover Bookstore.   If you live somewhere else I’d love to know what independent bookstores you recommend.  Happy Independent Bookstore Day…and Happy Reading!

*Daylight Dreamer – Shel Silverstein

8 thoughts on “There’s a great old bookstore…

  1. Love this post. I’ve been to all the bookstores you’ve noted and in addition to being able to spend hours browsing, I always walk away lighter in the pocketbook, as I can’t resist buying a few more reads….whether I need them or not.


  2. Hello! I’ll add Pittsburgh to your list:

    White Whale Bookstore
    4754 Liberty Ave
    Pgh 15224
    Good selection, nice people, author readings

    Big favorite and brand new:
    Alphabet City Books
    40 W North Ave
    Pgh 15212
    Part of City of Asylum, has large number of translated books, plus in the space author readings, music, sponsorship for authors in exile.

    Last and on my list to visit today, on Independant Bookstore Day:
    Mystery Book Store
    514 Allegheny River Blvd
    Oak mint PA 15139
    Always love a good mystery!

    Read on!


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