Pomp and circumstance…

Graduate Records

I’ve spent the last two weeks running three back-to-back celebrations which have kept me pretty busy.  My favorite event of the three was a graduation celebration for nine young artists (each an accomplished musician, film maker, actor, writer, or game designer).  I created a piece of art to record their accomplishments, which was framed and given to each along with a beautiful monogrammed leather folio…

*Pomp and Circumstance, Op. 39, March No. 1 in D major – Edward Elgar 

The celebration was held in a beautifully restored 19th century mansion with large windows, great modern furniture, lots of ornate woodwork and original art on every wall.  With a setting like that it was easy to organize the rest of the event.  All I had to do was create some floral arrangements, cater appropriate nibbles and drinks, and watch everyone have a good time.

Arrangements in progress
Mantle of gifts

I made a simple but elegant spread of tasty treats, including a rainbow assortment of veggies (green pea pods, yellow, orange, and red pepper strips) with chipotle dip, cheddar cheese strips with organic heirloom baby tomatoes, brie with red raspberries, goat cheese accompanied with blueberries and sliced kiwis, Italian green olives, assorted crackers,gourmet chocolate truffles, french vanilla, lemon and chocolate ganache mini cupcakes with celebration pennants, and THE tastiest salmon bite appetizers ever!  I can’t take credit for creating these irresistible treats but I will take credit for finding them on Baker by Nature.    Simple to make, beautiful to look at, and delicious to eat – the trifecta of appetizer appeal!

No one can eat just one

The graduates and their families roamed from room to room, laughing and crying as they congratulated each other while surrounded by larger-than-life portraits. This statement perfectly sums up how these 9 impressive graduates will go out into the world: larger than life and screaming big!


A larger than life face by Stephen Watkins

Hope you enjoyed the peek into my latest party…stay tuned for images my next big event in early August (if not sooner).

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