Got a pocket full of dreams…

Amaranthus Faux Flowers

A few weeks ago, I attended the Porter Flea Summer Market Preview Sale.  Porter Flea started a few years ago as a way to showcase the millennial craftsmen (and women) moving to Nashville.  I’m a crafty fox and spend a lot of my daydreaming moments trying to come up with ways to market and sell what I make, so I am always curious to see what other people are making – and asking – for their products…

Evie Art

As part of the preview night I got to sample lavender and peach-infused sangrias, which left me nicely buzzed as I explored all of the offerings. In addition to all of the vendors, you could get your nails done, your hair cut, enjoy a meal, or have a piece of poetry written about a personal adventure.

There were a number of food stalls with homemade butters, macaroons, breads, and vegan gluten-free cacti cupcakes (which were delicious)…

Succulent treats

Depending on my mood I am drawn to different crafts.  This time around I had no interest in the jewelry (somewhat unusual for me) or baby related items (as my children are out of the baby stage and my grand-children are yet to be).  I really gravitated toward the art, in the form of cards, wall hangings, and unique prints…

Sweet Sloe Gin Fizz Stationary & Prints

There were a number of vendors selling scents, including perfumes, candles, and soaps. I haven’t purchased ‘traditional’ soap since 1998, when I traveled to London and was turned on to Lush.  Lucky for me, I’ve a lot more soap options to choose from now versus in the 90’s, and stocked up on some musical choices…

music city suds
Splish Splash

It is rare to see a cobbler anywhere, let alone at a maker market. As someone with a bit of a shoe fetish I was immediately drawn to Zou Xou’s selection oh handmade slides, pumps, and loafers.  I will definitely be ordering a pair for the fall…

Bespoke shoes for Zou Xou

I enjoyed a long chat about pro-wrestling with Demin & Spirits Eric Davis and ended up buying a Luchador T that I am going to wear to RAW next week.  I also met a lovely young lady who designs and makes textiles in India (employing women who are able to earn living wages in the process).  She transforms these beautiful fabrics into scarves, caftans and kimonos. I purchased a cream & black striped Maelu kimono that I’ve already worn a few times.  It looked awesome paired with a black tank, faded jeans, and high-heeled sandals for a casual night out…

Prints for every taste

Porter Flea calls Music City home, so naturally a rocking selection of music was playing throughout da’ house, courtesy of WXNA’s DJ’s.  I had a good laugh when I noticed that the three old-school turntables stood idle while the iPad played. There were also number of vendors who showcased music themed merchandise, including these throwback guitar straps made from vintage fabrics…

Strap yourself in and get ready to play

Another highlight was meeting Evie. We went from discussing her love of lyrics and images to my love of seaside laundromats before bonding over our ‘vintage’ hotmail accounts.  I really dug her art and was taken by her dedication to creating a piece of lyrical art each day, every day, since 2014.

Letter & Lyric Sensibility

In addition to the t-shirt, kimono, and soaps I also came home with fresh Georgia peaches, some birthday cards, and a hand-drawn David Bowie ‘Ziggy’ image from Arthur’s Plaid Pants that I am planning on utilizing in my small bath reno.

It’s true

Here are some of the vendors that captured my attention (and my money).

Here’s hoping you find a vendor or two that you want to explore.

*New York State of Mind (Part 2) – Alicia Keys featuring Jay Z








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