Greasy gears on a carnival ride…


I can’t pinpoint when my love of fairs began but it started at a very early age. Community fairs, school fairs, county fairs, state fairs – I love them all.  While each style of fair is unique all fairs have things in common, including entertainment, contests, rides, pageants, games of chance and food…

This past weekend my husband and I enjoyed a date night at the Wilson County Fair.  I love the garish lights and carny vibe, which overlay the midway like a clown’s heavy face paint. I can’t actually ride the attractions because of a severe inner ear imbalance which leads me to become gravely ill when I go around in circles so there’s no Skyfall, Starship, Banzai or even Ferris Wheel for me or the night is over before it starts…

Midway jellyfish

I may not be able to ride the attractions but I can explore the haunted house mazes.  I once spent a summer as a ghoul in a beachside haunted house and always like to check out how each house is decorated.  The inside layout never seems to change (with turns, ramps, and numerous mirrors to confuse you) so it’s the outside art that has to lure you inside…

Monkey see monkey do

Scattered around the rides are countless games of skill. I use that term loosely since not many can claim to have walked away a ‘jumbo prize’ winner.  Those carnies know what they’re doing and it has nothing to do with you winning.  Still, I always try my hand at the ring toss, balloon darts, hoops, water gun races, and rifle shot – I know each is rigged but that never stops me from trying to walk away with my own much too large stuffed animal.  I was sort of happy to have left empty-handed this time, since the most popular prize was a rainbow-striped Mr. Poo from South Park (go figure).

Good luck getting one in these hoops
Gotta catch em all

Ringing the midway are the food selections, with Polish and Italian sausage sandwiches, Godzilla-sized turkey legs, roasted corn, Slushies, fried anything (including Oreos, chicken, fish, and tacos), chocolate covered key lime pie and ice cream among the selections.  I had some really good jambalaya and fresh lemonade from Cajun Seafood (a local vendor that I will be patronizing again)…

Get your brats here…get your hot brats

On sensory overload, with a lot less cash and a full tummy I always save my favorite part of the fair for last – the creative arts section. I’m a crafty fox and have entered and won a few blue ribbons in my day.  I haven’t entered anything into a fair competition for a long time but I still like to check out the competition.  I gravitate toward the quilts and the drawings and never leave without marveling at the talent in my community…

Award winning entry


Pencil Einstein
Manga minx

Each year I end my fair visit with a stop by Fiddler’s Cove for the live music. I never know who I am listening to but it doesn’t make any difference since I can tap my toes to just about anything.


Picking it out

How about you?  Do you like fairs and carnivals?  What’s your favorite part of attending a fair?  I’d love to know…

*Three Fingered Fellows Named ShortyIko Iko

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