They make their living off of arts and crafts…


Life has kept me pretty busy lately, leaving little time for creativity (or posts).  That said, I happened to pass a local Markets for Makers event at Track One in Nashville’s Chestnut Hill area a few weeks ago and thought you might like to check it out too…

Wear a Number to Restore A Name

I had no idea what to expect from the market but am always up for seeing what people make and hearing their stories.  I first encountered Branded Collective at last summer’s Porter Flea and continue to be impressed with the work they are doing with End Slavery Tennessee to help survivors of human-trafficking heal and go on to lead productive lives.  A few years ago I had the honor of hosting the director of EndSlaveryTN as part of a seminar series on child abuse and the harrowing stories I heard have stuck with me to this day…

‘I’ve Been There’ Coasters

I am always a sucker for bright imagery and was drawn to this booth with its large selection of coasters bearing images of Nashville’s most popular tourist attractions, restaurants, and food.  Unfortunately, I can’t remember the vendor’s name or whether these coasters were porcelain, but in my memory they were tiles and I can’t stop thinking about how awesome they would look incorporated into a backsplash or tiled shower…

Don’t eat the yellow snow…because red is always best!

Track One is a 1924 factory repurposed into businesses and galleries, with a large event space available to rent.  Temperatures on the day I attended were unseasonably warm and it was very humid, making frosty food and ice-filled drinks a must!  I happily slurped a very cherry water ice while browsing the booths….

Woof Woof

Aren’t these the cutest? Spotted Dog Bakerylead baker and lover of dogs’ Jennifer Mello creates whimsical cookies and cakes for dogs.  Her treats look good enough for a human to eat.  I managed to avoid buying a celebration cake but I couldn’t resist picking up a beer and hotdog for Frederick Von Beagle (our pooch)…

Wooden knuckles

I walked by the BottleKnucks booth and was stopped dead in my tracks by these wooden  ‘bar mullets’ (knuckles in the front and bottle opener in the back). Rein Long, the creator, was so busy with other customers I never spoke with him about his product.  If i had, I would have congratulated him on his clever idea, woodworking skills and his memorable wood-burned business cards…

Woven Goods

I loved the woven textiles made by Erika Parker. She is working out of Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment in Huntsville, Alabama.  Housed in an old textile mill, the colony is the largest privately owned arts facility in the United States. With a focus on visual arts, this huge historic factory building has been redeveloped into 148 working studios for over 200 artists and makers, 6 galleries, a theatre, and performance venues.  I am already planning on a visit to see the art, take a class or two, and enjoy a meal during one of the Concerts on the Dock this fall…

Floral crown station

It was hard to miss the many women of all ages walking around wearing bespoke festival crowns.  I thought maybe someone had a booth until I stumbled upon a very busy maker space set up with everything needed to create a free flower power crown…


I love this t-shirt design! I wasn’t in the mood for a heavy ice cream treat but plan to use this vendor for future events I host.  I had to visit the website to learn more and encourage you to check out the legend of Sam T. Spoonlicker it is a must-read.  I can’t wait to try all of Sam’s curious confections…

In the bag

I am a sucker for a good market bag so I naturally gravitated toward the Freedom’s Promise booth, with its colorful display of hand woven and silk bags, wallets, satchels, scarfs and totes. Started in 2006 by Amber Cunningham, Freedom’s Promise combats human trafficking in Cambodia by providing women with a means to support themselves through bag making…

Smiling faces

There were tons of instagram ready photo opportunities scattered throughout the space, including this old V-dub bus.  I don’t know these young ladies, but had to capture their evident friendship, ease with posing and beautiful smiles as I walked by..

Here are few of the other vendors whose products captured my eye (and some of my wallet)…

*Swap Meet – Nirvana


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