In tradition with the family plan…

It’s better to give…

Lately I’ve been thinking about traditions, especially those relating to families.  How they get started, how they become embedded, how we create new ones while maintaining the old, even after those we’ve shared the tradition with move on.  

I dearly miss the rituals I shared with my parents, and if I listen closely enough can still hear them calling me by the nickname only they used. I cherish the silly but touching things my parents did for and with me, which I have instituted with my children, and which we now share with each other (I’m looking at you, birthday song!) And I am so thankful for the new traditions created with family and friends, which continually strengthen our bonds of friendship and love over distance and time.

I am not sure it counts as a tradition but one enduring passion my parents gave me is my love for music. I remember my sister and I used to give them our record wants for Christmas. They would head to Sam Goody and hand the clerk our ‘wish list’, who would ask which they wanted to buy. Their answer was always ‘all of them’.  Over time, my music wants have been replaced by another parent-instilled passion for reading and books. I’ve posted before about the annual ‘gift of 9’ (here and here), which my mom and dad traditionally gave me each Christmas…

…until this year. To my great sadness the tradition is in hiatus and won’t be happening again until someone else I love adopts the gift of ‘9’ going forward.  Until then I am maintaining the practice myself, albeit a little later than normal, with my next nine reads pictured above. 

How about you? What are your favorite traditions? What traditions for you miss the most? Drop me a note…I’d love to know.

*Levon – Elton John

4 thoughts on “In tradition with the family plan…

  1. Happy Belated Birthday Kim! This post made me sad. Was your nickname Kimi or am I wrong ! If so what was it? Also why nine ? Just love getting to know more about you as you write this blog. I should have already known these things but sadly I didn’t ! ❤️❤️❤️


    1. Kimmy was/IS a nickname but not the one I am thinking of. I will share that when we see each other (soon). I have a thing for 9, as a multipleR of 3, 3 being the ultimate number of objects (of multiples of) used for OPTIMAL design balance. Plus ‘Number 9’ from The Beatles cause there’s always a music link. Don’t be sad – we did not spend a lot of time together once I hit puberty but we can fix that going forward 🙂 Love you.


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