The hand of fate…

The Ballad of Lotto and Mathilde

I ordered Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff as part of a recent reading stash purchase (mentioned here) but delayed beginning it until now.  I wish I HAD started the book sooner because it quickly became one of my favorite reads of the summer.  I stayed up way too late over the past week, following this slyly nuanced tale of a ‘perfect’ marriage that gives truth to the old adage that there are always three sides to any story; his, hers, and the truth.  If you are looking to get lost in a tale of passionate love, heart-rending loss, sacrifices made, revenges exacted, lies made truth and truths not told than this is the story for you.  Have you read Fates and Furies?  I’d love to know what  you thought of the story and what is on your ‘must read’ list for fall…


9, Number 9

Summer 9


I keep a pile of books next to my bed so regardless of my reading mood I always have a book – or three – to choose from.  I received a trove of books for Christmas (detailed here) and have made numerous trips to the library to supplement my stash since then, but the truth is I am ready for some new books – and LOTS of them. This weekend will be the second in a row where I help a family member move from one state to another and chances are my reading time will be minimal.  However, upon my return I hope to find the ‘Summer 9’ which I ordered today waiting for me (and my reading stockpile).

  Lab Girl   |   The Nest   |  Alice + Freda Forever: A Murder in Memphis  |    City on Fire: A novel
The Oregon Trail: A New American Journey  |    The One in a Million Boy   |   American Housewife Stories
Negroland A Memoir   |   Fates and Furies