9, Number 9

Summer 9


I keep a pile of books next to my bed so regardless of my reading mood I always have a book – or three – to choose from.  I received a trove of books for Christmas (detailed here) and have made numerous trips to the library to supplement my stash since then, but the truth is I am ready for some new books – and LOTS of them. This weekend will be the second in a row where I help a family member move from one state to another and chances are my reading time will be minimal.  However, upon my return I hope to find the ‘Summer 9’ which I ordered today waiting for me (and my reading stockpile).

  Lab Girl   |   The Nest   |  Alice + Freda Forever: A Murder in Memphis  |    City on Fire: A novel
The Oregon Trail: A New American Journey  |    The One in a Million Boy   |   American Housewife Stories
Negroland A Memoir   |   Fates and Furies

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