Alabama bound…

Alabama Bound Outfit 1

My younger son and I are off on the last college visit I will ever take (at least for my children).  It’s a quick two day visit with lots of miles in between so heated seats, a stack of vintage rock cd’s, a tall cup of coffee, and my son’s company are essential to keep this road dog happy.

Day 1 What I Wore  |   Tunic T   |   Traveler Pants   |   Platform Keds   |   Classic Silver Hoops   |   Vera Bradley Travel Bag  

Thanks to greendaygirl94peace  for the Classic Rock CD College image.
Find more of her work here.

Alabama Bound Outfit 2

I am packing for comfort to see me through a lot of driving, walking, and sightseeing. I’ve never been to Mobile and I am looking forward to smelling the Bay and eating some seafood fresh off the boats.  Check back for images from our trip in a few days.

Day 2 What I Wore   |   ASOS Striped T-shirt   |   Distressed Denim Leggings   |   Sunglasses (featured here)   |   UGG Tippie Espadrilles   |   Citizen Watch   |     Untold Perfume   |   ASOS Black Leather Backpack



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