Alabama getaway, getaway…

Skull Daddy

Last week I posted outfits that I planned on wearing during a quick trip to Mobile.  Have you ever been?  It was the first time I did more than drive thru on the way to the Panhandle beaches and I was pleasantly surprised by what I discovered…

Spring Hill campus building

My son and I made the drive to tour Spring Hill College.  From the moment we arrived we were treated like family. Our day was spent exploring the campus, meeting with faculty, coaches, and students, and learning what it takes to be a Badger.

Winter blooms

The weather was perfect – sunny and 70 – with so many fragrant flowers and blooming trees on display that I found myself wishing I was a resident, and not a guest, of Mobile.

Colorful Bikes

I couldn’t resist capturing the contrast of the stark black ‘boys’ bike against the whimsical pink ‘girls’  model parked outside the humanities building.

Oysters anyway you like em’

After our tour ended we headed downtown to play tourist on Dauphin Street. Our first stop was at Wintzell’s Oyster House to reenergize with afternoon oysters.

Mr. Peanut’s on Parade

Then we swung by the A&M Peanut Shop for some dessert.  The fresh roasted peanuts were good, the salted sunflower seeds even better, and the chocolate covered pecans…DE-vine.

Golden Crowns

If you viewed my Lebanon pictures (here) then you know I love funky architecture and Mobile did not disappoint.  Wonder how my house would look with two giant golden crowns topping it off?

I wish this was my shop – and my house 
Cheerful there any other kind?

I have a thing for old neon too and I loved this sign – ‘cheerful credit’ being a bit of an oxymoron.

Jimi, Amy, Kurt, and Bob

It seems Mobile has a thriving guerrilla, street and formal art scene.  We saw one great mural after another, often appearing alongside ‘legitimate’ installations.

Lit from within

I was fascinated – and fixated – by this sculpture which was displayed in the window of a church nestled between two dive bars.

By the end of the day we clocked in 7 miles of walking and had worked up quite the appetite so we headed to Half Shell Oyster House for dinner. Don’t let the wait time or the strip mall location fool you.  This was one of the tastiest meals I’ve had in ages. It was so good that we had oysters for appetizers AND dessert with LOTS of seafood in between.

Gumbo, crawfish, oyster, boudin…yum

Before we left town we headed to Simply Seafood for souvenirs – 2 dozen oysters, 5 pounds of gulf shrimp, and 3 pounds of red snapper, all packed in ice-filled Styrofoam coolers from Walmart to keep everything fresh during our long ride home.

Have you ever been to Mobile?  I’d love to visit again so if you have any favorite spots – tourist or otherwise – I’d love to hear from you.











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