My gal is red hot…

Feeling Red

It’s been fifteen years since the first National Wear Red Day, which sought to educate women about the number 1 lady killer – heart disease.  A decade and a half later heart disease still kills too many women, often because they fail to recognize the warning signs specific to females.  Help your heart stay healthy by exercising, following the food pyramid eating guidelines, quitting smoking, and having your cholesterol levels checked. You can also sport some red this Friday to let the world know just how much you value your heart – and the hearts of those you love!

Queen of Hearts T-shirt  |   Shy Siren Red Crystal Teardrop Earrings   |   Mila Suede Pumps  |    Two Piece Lace-up Ballet Flats   |     Olivia Miller Alura Chain  Wrapped  Heart Cross-body Bag   |   Guerlain  Rouge D’Eenfer Nail Polish   |   Silk Squirrel Orchid Scarf   |   City Chic Fit & Flare Red Lace Dress   |   Joyce Trimming Velvet Flower Pin   |   Yves Saint Laurent Tuxedo Red Lipstick


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